Electronic Recylcling in Chula Vista, San Diego

Thanks to innovation and advancements in technology, the rate at which people are disposing of their outdated, broken, and otherwise unwanted electronics is growing quickly! If it’s time for you to get rid of some of your old electronics, you should know that it’s illegal in California to dispose of electronic devices in regular trash and recycling containers.

Thankfully, we have the means to help you out with electronics recycling in San Diego and electronic recycling in Chula Vista: Bring us your e-waste!

E-Waste Recycling in San Diego

What types of items are accepted at our recycling center in Chula Vista? E-waste includes really any devices that are no longer used that can either work or don’t work; many of the items contain heavy metals that can cause injury and/or illness to people and the environment if put into landfills. San Diego electronic recycling and computer recycling in Chula Vista include just about everything except batteries:

  • Computer monitors, towers, printers, laptops, and CPUs
  • Cordless telephones
  • Radios and televisions
  • DVD and VHS players, VCRs
  • Cell phones and personal organizers
  • Tablets
  • Other devices containing circuit boards

Free Electronic Recycling in the San Diego and Chula Vista Areas

Many people have intentions to participate in a San Diego electronics recycling event; however, if you’re not able to attend one near you or you don’t want to wait for an event, bring your e-waste to our location!

We make it safe, quick, and easy to dispose of your unwanted electronics with our Chula Vista recycling drop-off that is conveniently located at 2351 Boswell Road. Have larger items you need to recycle? Schedule a pick-up with EnviroGreen now.

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