Bubble Pack for All Your Shipping and Moving Needs

Use These Bubble Cushioning Wrap Pouches to Protect Your Personal Belongings

Bubble Pack is one of the most commonly used moving supplies. Whether you’re moving your entire home, doing some home improvement, or storing your valuables, you need to make sure your items are protected.

Bubble packaging goes by many names, including bubble wrap, fragile wrap, but they all mean relatively the same thing. These materials come with built-in air bubbles that insulate your belongings from everyday wear and tear. The bubbles are wrapped in packaging paper to keep them from popping. These anti-static pouches are usually much cheaper than packaging peanuts, which can spill all over the floor. They are also better for the environment. When you’re done with the packaging, you can deflate the bags and recycle them for less waste. They are perforated every 12 inches so you can easily tear apart the length that you need.

We sell 12” and 24” Bubble Pack at East Lake Self-Storage. Add them to your shopping list before your big move to keep your possessions safe and sound.



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