5′ X 5′ Small Half Bath 25 Sq Ft Upper Level




This 5 x 5 storage unit is perfect for getting some of your possessions out the way. It comes with 25 square feet of personal or business storage space. It’s about the size of a half bathroom or large closet to help give you an approximation. You should have enough room for a mattress set or small piece of furniture, such as a desk or dresser, as well as chairs and several boxes.

You can use this storage unit for seasonal decorations and items that only get used once a year. It’s also great for getting baby and children’s items out of the way as they get older. If you have a spare bedroom, take the mattress out when you don’t have guests over. This will help you save space at home or work, so you can spread out and enjoy more freedom of movement. Getting unused items out the way can also increase air flow, reduce the spread of dust and bacteria, and make your home or business easier to clean.

If you’re not sure if your items will fit the contents of unit, measure out five feet by five feet to get a feel for how much you can fit. We offer a variety of large and medium sized storage units as well. Consider sizing up if you need more room.

Please note that not all 5 x 5 storage units are climate controlled. If you need to keep your items at room temperature, call ahead to make sure a unit is available. Contact the team at East Lake Self Storage to learn more about the half bath 5 x 5 storage unit. Regardless of what you’re looking to get out of the way, we will help you find the right storage facility for your needs.

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